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Balancing your life with like minded people; the stimulus YOU NEED!

trulyBalance offers Courses for everyone; parents, children, adolescents, business executives, sports enthusiasts, men and women, young and old.

4 Day Intensive Neruo-Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Life Coach Certification Training

October 13 to 16, 2017

A great opportunity coming your way in October 2017! Join World Renown Dr. Yvonne, Master trainer of NLP & Hypnosis for this 4 day ASCA CERTIFIED continuing education course. With further case study and examination this course can lead to full AIP Certification as a NLP Practitioner.

This course is ideal for Human Resources Professionals, Life Coaches, Therapists, Sophrologist, Psychologies, CBT Practioners.

For full information and to register please follow this link: NLP
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Tuesday Evenings  19:00 to 20:00
Chemin de la Source 25, Coppet

Join Annette these weekly sessions that are centered in sophrology: guided relaxation, gentle movments and visualizations.
Think of this hour as an hour of relaxation exercises targetting your brain and bodies abilitiy to relax, concentration, sleep better, be happy, and be healthy. The first month of classes we will look at the basic building blocks of Sophrology and from here we will move through some of the associated techniques and begin  the 12 levels of Dynamic Relaxation in December. Sophrology is a comprehensive deep relaxation method that has been in existence since 1960! It is coined "Happiness Training"  or more recently "Consciousness Competency" in the business world.

Sessions are designed to teach you various techniques and methods for relaxing the body and mind to help you manage stress, prevent burnout and discover who you really are. No special clothing or equipement required, just come as you are. 

October: Building blocks of Sophrology
November: Sleep like a baby
December: Energize your day
January: Dynamic Relaxation Level 1

Pricing: 35 chf per week or 120chf per month
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(Collège du Léman, Versoix)
DYNAMIC RELAXATION: Sophrology & Mindfulness

Course targeting students from ages 11 to 18. Students will learn a different sophrology exercises each week to improve relaxation, sleep patterns, calm themselves when feeling overwhelmed or shocked, feel more confident and generally be happier.

Exercises taught enable students to better understand and control their emotions, build confidence in themselves, increase their ability to concentrate, do daily meditation exercises to help them clear their mind, discover and feel good about who they are.

This meditative practice will available for children between the ages of 7 and 11 at the above mentioned schools. The exercises taught are from the Paws.b program as taught by the MindfulnessinSchools organization in the UK.

Read More for schedule and course specifics
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Developing Independant Confident Adults

(2 courses, 7 wks, 2hr/session)

Two separate courses are on offer to give parents positive discipline tools to help develop independence and harmony in the home. This is a great opportunity to develop a support network for parenting challenges and to learn new productive approaches to parenting. Course is taught by Jane Pfefferié. 

Read More for parents of TEENS   
Monday mornings 9:00 to 11:00am beginning Oct.11, 2017

Read More for parents of 6 to 12 year olds 
January start. Please send me an email if you are interested

Pricing: 350 CHF per parent or 420 per couple (includes book)
Start Dates: Courses begin when 8 participants have registered. Please see the calendar for proposed start dates for both courses Thus courses may start later than posted. No class during school holidays and final schedule of classes is confirmed with all participants at the first class.
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(Adults: 4 weeks, 2 hrs/session)

Wednesday mornings beginning in November 2017

The perfect opportunity to explore the practice of Sophrology! You will learn 8 to 10 dynamic exercises that are easy to do and have a big impact on the way you cope with life`s daily or bigger challenges. 

Past participants have noted how their sleep improves, they find the process of letting go of emotions easier, and that their REACTIONS to situations change to more conscious ACTIONS; giving them more balance and self control in most situations.

Course notes and exercise recordings are given to all participants for easy at home practice. Course start date is flexible. Course begins after 5 participants register.

For more course details, please follow this link.

Pricing: 300 CHF
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5 Day Hypnosis 
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