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8 week Program

``Children learn more from WHAT YOU ARE than what you TEACH`` - W.E.B. DuBois
You now know your top saboteurs and how they are impacting your parenting. What would you like to do about it?
  1. Stay the way I am.
  2. Take a look at them more deeply and see if I can make a few changes on my own.
  3. Take a deep dive on improving my parenting style be a better role model for my kids through addressing my saboteurs.


If you answered C/ Take a deep dive…
you are in the right place!


Join other like minded parents on a 8week journey to becoming a better parent and partner.

8 Week Program Details

  • Initiation week (first meeting is 90-minutes) followed by 8 in-person online 60-minute group* coaching sessions.
  • 7 weeks of daily training (App based) with a new focus of the day and daily practice.
  • 7 video trainings. A new weekly concept is presented each Saturday via a video in the App.
  • 1 one to one 45-minute coaching session with Annette.
  • Access to the Positive Intelligence (PQ) App for 1 year. The app includes daily exercises from Tuesday to Friday, encouraging 15 minutes total daily practice to rewire habits you want to change.
  • Access to App GROW program after completion of the program for a fee. GROW continues to give you new concepts and tools to further develop your sage perspective.
  • Online access to the book Positive Intelligence by Shirzad Chamine.
  • Access to Annette for questions throughout the program.
  • Family discount if both parents register for the program. Second parent receives a 25% discount.
*VIP Program PLUS is also available and it includes two one-to-one coaching sessions (valued at 500chf per person) for an additional fee of 300chf per person.

Program Results for Committed Participants

  • Recognize and successfully intercept your judge.
  • Recognize your main accomplice saboteur and be able intercept it .
  • Develop the habit of shifting to “sage” and boosting your sage response.
  • Begin to use the five powers of the sage in communications, relationships and decision making.

What makes this program unique?

It is supported by sustained daily training (through the App) that allows the creation of new neural pathways which is the proven way to formulate new habits. THIS IS HUGE!

2022/23 School Year Program Dates

Cohort 1:
October 12  initiation meeting, Oct. 15th first video released, Oct. 17th first 60 min. group coaching. One to one coaching sessions to be reserved between weeks 2 and 8.
Cohort 2:
Monday, January 23rd initiation meeting,  January 28th frst video released, January 30th first group coaching. One to one coaching sessions to be reserved between weeks 2 and 8.

Registration and payment (800chf) due on or before program start date. Payment plan of two payments (not applicable for early bird special) over 8 weeks also available.


Early Bird Special available up to 15 days prior to program start date. Receive a 5% discount by using Coupon Code: POSITIVE. Not available for payment plan. Spouse/Partner plan also available.