“I thought her 10 week sophrology course was just what I needed to put me back on track. As a very active person I find it extremely difficult to sit and relax. The first two sessions were quite a challenge to focus but I soon felt comfortable and started to really look forward to meeting at her house with some other fabulous ladies for our well deserved relaxation. Her house became an oasis in my busy life. I benefitted enormously from the course and still try to practice at home. She asked us what our goal was before we started, mine was simply to find inner contentment. It is good to know that Annette is out there to guide us through life’s tough times.”
Alison Smith

“I would certainly recommend Annette’s Sophrology sessions to anyone who is feeling in need of a little help with either health or emotional issues. It undeniably brings positive improvements to the body and mind.

It helped me to feel more in balance and see things differently, to channel my energy and feel the presence of life through the simplicity of my free breathing. I would urge anyone to try it!”
Marianna Browne

BeHappy Course

“I feel so much more in control of my life going forward. There is a noticeable difference in the way I now perceive and handle stressful situations. Annette is a wonderful teacher. She is extremely knowledgeable, but she takes the time to make sure you are comfortable and at ease both before and during the session.”
Elyssa Edmonstone

Body Balancing

“I find reflexology to be an extremely relaxing and particularly during periods of high stress and tension, an hour of reflexology leaves me feeling more refreshed and focused than anything else I could think to do in the same amount of time. Thank you for giving me the gift of full body ‘decompression’ and regular ‘tuning’ and ‘realignment’. I am hooked on reflexology thanks to you!”
Michele Riley

“I have benefitted enormously from having Reiki sessions with Annette. Her positive energy is both wonderfully calming and energizing. Reiki sessions with Annette have been very helpful during stressful periods as well as helping me when I had a breast lump diagnosed. I am certain that the lump reduced in size significantly after Reiki sessions with Annette. I can thoroughly and whole heartedly recommend Annette as a holistic practitioner who brings a sense of balance to life.”
Heather Cairns-Lee