The study of consciousness in HARMONY

  • Would you like to be more optimistic?
  • Benefit from quieting the chatter in your mind?
  • Can’t still still to mediatate as your body just needs to move?
  • Benefit from being more content in life and get off the roller coaster of emotions?
  • Want to take charge of YOUR life and LIVE it at its BEST.
  • Transform the energy of limiting beliefs, habitual reactions and the impact of the highs and lows of life to a balanced perspective of contentment and self love?

Course Content

This is an introduction course to the practice of sophrology. The course will take you on a journey through the dynamic techniques of level 1 and level 2 as well as some of the associated techniques. Sophrology is a dynamic based relaxation technique for both busy people and people that want to learn to be more self-aware of the body and mind at peace.


Level 1 is based is based in:

  • Raja Yoga
  • Present time
  • Concentration
  • Body as an anchor
  • Sense of recuperation

Level 2 is based is based in:

  • Tibetian buddhism
  • Future time
  • Contemplation of the self
  • Activating the five senes
  • Sense of gravity and movement
  • Affirmation of peace


No special clothing is required and you will not be asked to contort your body in any way!


The side-effects of level 1 & 2 usually include feeling more relaxed, centered, aware and generally being happier.

Course Benefits

  • Improved self-talk
  • Settling the constant chatter of the mind
  • Nervous system reset
  • Improved immune system to stay healthy Better ability to reframe your brains response to old triggers
  • Deep sense of physical relaxation
  • Conscious awareness of the body in a relaxed state.
  • Ability to settle emotions quickly for better communications and overall response to life’s ups and downs.

Course Logistics


This course is offered two times each year. Once in the spring and once in the fall. Each course includes 6-75 minute sessions.

Fall 2022: begins Tuesday, September 13th, 2022  @ 19:45 CET
Spring 2023: begins  Thursday, May 4th, 2023 @ 13:00 CEST


Delivery: Course is delivered online on Zoom. In-person courses may also be available if you live in the Geneva area. Please contact me directly for these dates. No special clothing is required.

Each week participants will have access to audio recordings via a private trulyBalance App. You will have free access to this App for the full 6 months following the course completion.


Cost: Course fee is 350 chf with an Early Bird discount of 50chf when you register 15 days prior to the start date. Use the COUPON CODE: HAPPY when registering.