“Sophrology helped me to think more positive about myself and my surroundings. In addition, I feel more relaxed when facing difficult situations as it helps release negative energy & stress. I sleep better & I have less arguments with people.”
16 male, International School of Geneva, La Châtaigneraie campus

“It is great, you get so relaxed and forget all of your worries, and become so much more confident and happier. It’s awesome!”
14 female, Collège du Léman

“It helps you discover security and yourself, to be able to experience and appreciate more things.”
13 male, YPO Youth Workshop

“My mom forced me to come here but I didn’t want to go because I thought it wouldn’t work, but it did.”
14 female, Collège du Léman

“Sophrology helps me to be more focused and allows me to better control my emotions. It is an extremely useful tool. The Reflex Anchor is quick, easy and dependable”
18 male, EcoLint – La Châtaigneraie campus

“Being not confident at first is fine, but you have to get over the things that frighten you or make you uncomfortable to live your life. It is really great, you get so relaxed, and forget all of your worries, and become so much more confident, and happier. It’s awesome!”
16 female, Collège du Léman

“It has allowed me to be more calm, so I don’t get overrun by an unfamiliar situation.”
17 male, British School of Geneva

“Really helped to give me a different perspective. I am more inspired, calm, feel much clearer about ideas.”
14 male, La Côte International School

“Sophrology helped me concentrate on what is important. I argue less and feel more confident about school”
14 male,trulyBalance public workshop

“Very calming and relaxing. Useful exercises that can be use on a day-to-day basis. Comforting environment, very friendly and open.”
13 female, La Côte International School


“I know Annette professionally through her work with my daughter in the beChill: Sophrology and Mindfulness classes at Collège du Léman. She expertly managed to teach my tightly wound sixth grader how to transform herself into a less-stressed, more capable middle schooler navigating the increased pressures of life at school and at home.”
Parent of student, 11 yrs.

“Easy useful tools that any teen can remember and use at any moment of their day-stress before an exam, peer pressure, too much going on, or difficulties to unwind and calm down at the end of the day. Annette works miracles.”
Parent of student, 17 yrs.

School Presentations

“I just wanted to say thank you for this one, Annette was great, she pitched her talk at exactly the right level and got a serious round of applause at the end.”
P. Giddings, Head of Year 11, 2017 International School of Geneva, La Châtaigneraie Campus


“I have battled in the past to fall asleep. Since using the breathing and basic sophronisation I drop off quite quickly.”
Teacher, International School of Lausanne

“I found the workshop very insightful and useful as it had practical strategies we can take away with us.”
Teacher, British School of Geneva