The Fundamentals of Sophrology course is an ONLINE course developed and taught in conjunction with The Sophrology Academy, a centre of excellence for sophrology in the UK.

Sophrology, defined, is the study of consciousness in harmony. It is a somatic practice which is gentle in nature, focused on bringing inner resources to the surface and instilling harmonic relaxation. It includes purposeful gentle dynamic movements, breathwork, mindfulness, visualistion and affirmation. You can learn more about sophrology here (What is Sophrology?) and on the website of the Sophrology Academy.

Sophroloy is a powerful practice for people of all ages!

Who is this course for?

There are two possibilities to join this course.

Option 1

You are an adult that would like to experience this transformative practice and use sophrology in your life to bring you more harmony and peace.

Option 2

You are interested in receiving a certificate and are a:

  • Wellbeing practitioner or therapist
  • Teacher or school counsellors
  • Life coach
  • Mindfulness and Yoga practitioner
  • People listed above that apsire to become beChill® Exams certified facilitator

What will I learn on the course?

START DATE IS February 4th, 2024

  • The fundamentals of the first two levels of sophrology practice and an introduction to levels 3 and 4.
  • A new mind-body training tool and approach to self-development.
  • The ability to be more centered and intuitive in your work.
  • An enhanced ability to improve wellbeing for yourself.

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Course finishes in May 2024


Entry Requirements for Professionals

  • Proof of a diploma or certification as a well-being practitioner, coach, mind-body practitioner OR
  • Teaching or counselling degree certification OR
  • Psychology degree.

Certificate and Eligibility (for those professionals writing the examination)

  • You will receive a certificate following successful completion of the course.
  • Successful completion makes you eligible to particpate in the beChill® Exams faciliator course offered by trulyBalance Sàrl.
  • After successful completion, you are eligible to continue studying with The Sophrology Academy on the Foundations of Sophrology Course or Diploma Course. You will receive credit for the study that you have already completed, reducing the amount of time and travel to the UK that is required for this year long course.

Program Structure

Course spread over four months, during which you will:

  • Attend four 6.5 – hour online training sessions (includes 2-15 min. breaks and 1-45 min. break).
  • Attend weekly 45-min online practice sessions between full session dates.
  • Complete independent practice and reflective assignments each month (advisable for all participants, required for certificates).
  • Read* The Sophrology Method by Florence Parot over the course of the 4 months (required for certificates).
  • Short examination to be taken at the end of May 2024 (required for certificates).
  • Practice records must be completed and submitted (5 per week for the duration of the course for certificates).
  • Note the final class of this course will focus on the use of sophrology techniques with adolescents and the dynamic techniques of levels 3 and 4. Particpants not taking the course for certificate only need attend the first half of the April 21st class.

*book supplied for participants taking certification course.

Dates & Times

  • February 4th/ March 3rd/ April 7th / May 5th
  • 9:00am  – 15:30 (Geneva time zone)
  • Weekly sessions Thursday evenings @19:00 (Europe)
  • Examination at end of May.

Registration and Fees

  • Minimum number of participants applies.
  • Certification fee is 1,200 chf. Non-certification fee is 900 chf.


“Annette is a great teacher,
and it was great to hear about her experiences, approach and ways of supporting adolescents.”
– Master Class Sophrology & Adolescents participant.

“Annette usually scores 5/5 when
our students rate her as a teacher of the
Sophrology & Adolescents and Sophrology & Events specialist courses.”
– The Sophrology Academy

Mental Fitness Coach - Annette Ebbinghaus

M.Sc. Civil Engineering, MBA, Master Sophrologist is a globally sought-after mental fitness coach, motivational speaker and author. She draws from 30+ years of experience and is founder of the beChill® Exams & Life programs for adolescents.

Annette works with the link between mind, body, and consciousness to boost resilience, performance, overall wellbeing, and aids in the self-development of adults and adolescents. Her clients range from leading higher educational institutions such as IMD, global NGOs such as the WTO, International schools in the Geneva area and individuals seeking clarity, performance enhancement and a path to living a more authentic and balanced life.

Annette has been teaching the specialist module: Sophrology and Adolescents at the Sophrology Academy since 2014. As well she is part of the mentoring team for graduates of the Sophrology Academy. She has certified Sophrologists in Switzerland, Australia and the UK in the beChill® Exams program for adolescents.