Parenting from the Heart – Frustration Free!



Children learn more from WHAT YOU ARE than what you TEACH - W.E.B. DuBois

Parenting frustration free is not something that most of us find easy. What does “frustration free” actually mean to you? It is different for us all as we come from different family backgrounds and upbringings.


What we all do have in common are a set of characters of which some are helpful and some just get in the way of raising resilient and independent children.  The personal characters that get in the way can be called Sabotuers. Even with our best intentions, when these characters show up they do not result in the intended outcome.


Maybe you recognize a few in yourself?

Judge – Controller -Stickler – Hyper Vigilant – Hyper Rational
Pleaser – Avoider – Victim – Hyper Achiever – Restless


Each of these characters plays a role in how you communicate, build relationships and function as parents and partners.They impact your resilience, whether you can change failures into gifts and your ability to access your inner wisdom in the more challenging moments of parenting.


Parenting from the Heart – Frustration Free! is about being able to access your inner wisdom in all aspects of raising children. It takes good mental fitness to be able to access inner wisdom and parent consciously, and from the heart. Move from reactive parenting to more conscious parenting.


How do you do that?

Throughout life we befriend “saboteurs” that often hold the key to the characteristics that drive our habits and go-to-responses in stressful moments. These habits and responses, while we are comfortable with them, do not help us or our families thrive.


The GREAT news is you can change your relationship with your saboteurs and boost
your mental fitness significantly, with practice.


JOIN THIS 90-MINUTE WORKSHOP to explore your main saboteurs, discover the mistruths they tell you and learn a quick technique to start parenting more consciously and frustration free.


  1. Stay the way I am.
  2. Take a look at them more deeply and see if I can make a few changes on my own.
  3. Take a deep dive on improving my parenting style be a better role model for my kids through addressing my saboteurs.

If you answered C/ Take a deep dive… you are in the right place!


Join other like minded parents on a 8-week journey to becoming a better parent and partner.

Workshop Details

Prior to the workshop you will be given access to a FREE assessment which will highlight the key traits that rule your actions and habits in life and in your parenting style.


During the 90-minute workshop we will:

  • Explore how our main saboteurs show up in our parenting style so you can recognize them and choose to shift out of this mode before responding to the situation at hand.
  • Discuss these characters and the mis-truths they continue to tell us and how this could be impacting your children.
  • Learn a few easy methods so you can shift out of saboteur mode and into your inner sage and respond to the situation at hand in a calmer and more curious fashion.

Workshop Dates

September 26 @ noon (geneva)
September 26 @ 19:30 (geneva)


January 12 @ noon (geneva)
January 12 @ 19:30 (geneva)


Fee of 20chf for all workshop participants payable at time of registration.


Following the workshop you will have the option to participate in a 8-week course designed to shift you out of Saboteur mode and into the Sage perspective in all aspects of your life, especially your parenting.