Power of the Wind

Ah, what a great day! Sunshine mixed with wind. Use the wind that nature has provided us today to help you clean out the stagnant energy that might be in your home. Open the windows and let the wind pass through the house. It will create a current and move the energy around, cleaning and refreshing your living space.

It is a good day to go outside and feel the wind. Take the opportunity to stand still, close your eyes, and experience wind as if it is the first time you have ever experienced the wind. Take a few abdominal breaths, let your thoughts go and notice how the wind pushes your body, moves your hair, makes you feel warm or cold. Spend time just noticing your body and the wind. Just take the time to notice.

Stay in the moment of the wind experience and when you are ready to, let go of anything cluttering your mind and open your eyes and smile.

Balance on my friends…

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