Parenting and Clearing Life’s Hurdles

Clearing life’s hurdles while parenting is not easy. Graduations are not hurdles, they are a time for celebration, and they usually make me emotional. Have you ever experienced this?

It comes from that sense that a part of my parenting “job” has been completed. Another life stage is emerging for this being I brought into this world. Kind of crazy when you think about it. How much emotion our offspring evoke in us at every stage of their development.

My son’s graduation from University of Sussex was more overwhelming than normal. You see the year my son was to begin University was likely one of the most stressful in my life due to a very big hurdle.

The Hurdle

My husband and I were well into our seventh year of fighting four large legal cases here in Switzerland. We had already finished eight cases and several negotiations outside of these four remaining ones and we were drowning. The two largest cases that were still pending were onerous. They involved several defendants and we were still at the first stage in legal writings and the Judge told us it could drag on for another 10 years.

Problem was we had physically run out money. Even with the help of some legal aid, our outgoings had been greater than our incomings for years at this point. We had exhausted all of our investments and had to borrow money from a close friend to be sure we made it to summer. The fear was that without a settlement we could not pay for our son’s university fees and neither could he. Especially not where he wanted to study. It was so grim that it was looking like we might need to finally declare bankruptcy. 

Being in Brighton at my son’s graduation brought the sensation of this struggle flooding back. It swallowed me whole, like a giant wave that comes after a boat passes when you are swimming. Then came the second wave of emotion, the wave of relief. It felt similar to the wave I felt when we finally reached that settlement in early summer of 2018.


One moment I was so happy and taking photos and the next I was crying almost uncontrollably.
We made it! He made it!


Clearing Life’s Hurdles While Parenting is NOT Easy

Some of life’s hurdles can be so challenging – too challenging. Giving up in the middle of a long fight is not uncommon. Even when we get over the main hurdle we can find that there are still mini ones to clear on the path ahead. Sometimes the energy it takes to get over the first one is too much for us to get over the second or third one.

Parenting is full these, especially as we are not only dealing with our children’s hurdles but we often have a few of our own. We may even suffer a few bruises or broken bits along the way. It changes us, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. And it takes time to  truly heal in each of these areas.

Inspired Journey's book authorOne step in my healing process was writing a chapter in the recently published, Inspired  Journeys book. This chapter is just a small piece of the my story. It is about the role of forgiveness in bringing closure to our saga. The Inspired  Journeys book is filled with 31 inspiring women’s stories, and I am fortunate to be a part of this “Amazon best-selling” book .

It took more than tenacity to get where I am today. Sophrology practice, faith, curiosity, healthy habits and forgiveness all played a vital role. Each helping me build resilience and find better balance physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I found a way to be happy even when there were so many hurdles in my way.


We all need a little help clearing hurdles

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Balance on my Friends,


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