A week of COURAGE

THIS IS MY WEEK OF COURAGE! A friend sent me this and I love it. I have it open on my computer and I read every morning before I start my day and every evening when I shut down the office.

COURAGE is a LION, no fear just a focus on what you are aiming at! With strength and focus on what you want to aim at, courage is your best friend! Make courage your friend with pride and confidence! You have it, it`s been with you all along! Do not let the weakness of others take away your strength! That is courage.

I do like this as the we can sometimes let the decisions or actions of others, interrupt our focus. Lions in their homeland must use focus in order to stay alive. I had the pleasure to watch lions in action a few years ago, in Kenya. It is humbling to be in the presence of a lion. They exude courage just sitting, or walking. Their focus is unwavering when the are tracking, watching and chasing their next meal. Truly incredible to witness.

So this week, BE A LION.


Balance on my Friends….

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